Marathon RJ-550 Stationary Trash Compactor
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Marathon’s RamJet RJ-550 delivers top compaction performance. Unique among compactors in its class, the RJ-550 features an impressive 60″ wide by 96 1/2″ long clear top opening and a 39″ deep charge box, providing convenience during peak loading times or when compacting bulky items.

Designed for high-capacity and heavy-duty use, the RJ-550 is perfect for industrial and commercial settings where large volumes of solid waste are generated. Its rugged construction and powerful hydraulic power unit ensure maximum compaction performance.

The RJ-550 is well-suited for use in transfer stations, receiving waste from residential collection vehicles used by municipalities and private contractors. With a strategically located RJ-550 transfer facility, the need for trips to the landfill by intermediate collection vehicles is eliminated, resulting in cost savings on fuel, maintenance, and labor.


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