Marathon RJ-250HT Self-Contained Trash Compactor
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Marathon's RamJet RJ-250HT compactors represent the forefront of roll-off self-contained trash compaction technology. With spacious feed openings and increased container storage capacity, these compactors are engineered to ensure worker safety, manage waste storage and transport, maintain public cleanliness in compliance with health department standards, enhance working conditions, and curtail hauling expenses.

The RJ-250HT trash compactor is adaptable, offering a selection of loading arrangements for specific applications. It's especially suitable for security chute-fed and dock-fed scenarios where collection vehicle space is constrained. A unique feature of the RJ-250HT is its integrated design, where the compactor and the door used for emptying the compacted waste are one and the same. This removes the need for extra space typically required for the "double turn-around" process with conventional models, saving you both time and space. Embrace efficiency with the RJ-250HT.


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