Marathon Atlas ET Manual-Tie Baler
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Atlas ET


Marathon Atlas ET (Extra Tough) mid-size horizontal balers are perfect for compacting non-ferrous scrap metal in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Built with heavy-duty construction and engineered for maximum strength, the Atlas non-ferrous baler provides exceptional size-to-weight ratio to meet the needs of scrap metal baling applications. Its bolt-on, replaceable body and ram-shear blades offer top-notch performance and easy maintenance, making pre-cutting of most materials unnecessary.

Designed for even the toughest application requirements, the Atlas ET non-ferrous metal baler is equipped with 400F liners and S-7 hardened-steel ram and body-shear blades. It is the optimal choice for recycling facilities baling between one to three tons of aluminum and steel cans, aluminum and copper wire, aluminum siding, extrusion, radiators, and other non-ferrous metal scrap.


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