American Pulverizer Single-Shafted Shredder
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Single-Shafted Shredder


When it comes to material processing, American Pulverizer's single-shaft shredder is in a league of its own. With its solid forged one-piece rotor and high-quality tool steel cutters, this machine is built to last. What's more, with various customized screen options available, you can be sure that your unique processing needs will be met.

Designed with ease-of-use in mind, this shredder boasts outboard oversized pillow block bearings and a split pillow block housing that allows for easy access to bearings. Precision machined bearing mounts ensure optimal performance, while a two-speed hydraulic process ram with adjustable variable force ensures that you can fine-tune the machine to your exact specifications.

With its V-belt drive, low-speed/high-torque capabilities, and customized infeed hoppers, this shredder is versatile enough to handle any material that comes its way. And with a post weld heat treated frame, you can be sure that this machine is as rugged and durable as they come.

When it comes to controls, American Pulverizer's single-shaft shredder is second to none. With PLC controls that offer graphic and L.E.D. monitoring of performance and diagnostics, you'll have complete control over every aspect of the shredding process. And with an oversized rugged speed reducer and a single adjustment for belt tension with pre-established belt alignment, you can rest assured that this machine will operate smoothly and efficiently.


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