5 Ways to Increase Sustainability at Your Company

02 Sep 5 Ways to Increase Sustainability at Your Company

5 Ways to Increase Sustainability at Your CompanySustainability is more than just a compliance requirement nowadays. It is a business opportunity and a key to business success as it gives companies a competitive edge by implementing something that has become increasingly important to consumers: environmental awareness. Not only do sustainable business practices save money, but they are also great for the bottom line of your business. Consumers nowadays are more aware of how their buying decisions impact the environment and they expect the companies they do business with to make eco-friendly choices as well.

Here are 5 ways you can increase sustainability at your company and reduce its carbon footprint:

1. Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Reducing energy consumption isn’t just a great cost-saving strategy, it also greatly helps the environment by reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. You can adjust utilities and switch off electronics (e.g. air conditioning, computers, lights, etc.) when they are not in use to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. It is highly recommended that you install energy-efficient light bulbs as they use up to 80% less energy and also last longer as compared to traditional light bulbs.

2. Reduce Paper Waste

Over the years, many businesses have gone paperless. However, most businesses still rely on papers and have a distance to go. If you are one of those businesses, then it is recommended that you encourage your staff not to print draft documents and email and send the documents to personal devices to make electronic review easier. Apart from setting up collaboration tools, you should also do an inventory of your business operations and if there are any outdated processes, update them. For example, if you still have a fax machine, then switch to fax-to-email solution. Not only will it cut back on paper use, but it will also make storing and sharing faxed documents easier for everyone involved.

3. Green Your Print Marketing

You cannot replace all printed materials with digital versions, particularly the ones that are customer-facing collateral e.g. business cards and brochures. So, it is recommended that swap your standard printing supplies for eco-friendly ink and paper alternatives to make your marketing materials eco-friendly. These alternatives include recycled paper, recycled cartridges, soy ink, etc.

4. Ramp Up Recycling

Recycling opportunities go beyond plastic and paper materials. Level up your business recycling efforts by offering alternatives for small electronics, organic waste, and other recyclable materials that are usually tossed out with the business trash.

5. Allow Telecommuting

Employees nowadays prefer flexible work arrangements, including being allowed to work from home at least partially. Telecommuting will help such employees on multiple levels. So, it is recommended that you revise your HR practices to allow telecommuting. This also has various environmental benefits. You will cut your business’s carbon footprint, save money, and reduce energy consumption used in your office spaces every day. Not to mention commuter traffic will also be reduced, even if by only a few employees.

A Sustainable Business

Through a few small changes, you can make your business sustainable and eco-friendly. Since most of these changes also help cut operating costs, they will help your bottom line while also making sure that you can attract employees and customers who are environmentally-conscious.

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