5 Types of Products Commonly Made from Recycled Cardboard

23 Oct 5 Types of Products Commonly Made from Recycled Cardboard

5 Types of Products Commonly Made from Recycled CardboardCardboard is one of the most widely recyclable materials in the world, with the paper-based material being easy to recycle, helping keep energy consumption down and lowering our reliance on raw materials like trees.

Whether recycling domestically or commercially, everyone should try to recycle their cardboard materials! Why? Because it can be used to make all kinds of other materials and recycling cardboard couldn’t be easier, giving us all the incentive, we need to recycle this popular material.

To highlight just how easy and effective it is to recycle cardboard, check out these 5 types of products we can make from it:

New Boxes and Packaging

This seems obvious but is still worth mentioning – old cardboard can be used to make new cardboard and other types of paper-based packaging like paperboard.

Because the paper fibers used in cardboard are so strong, it can be recycled several times over, meaning the more cardboard we recycle for new boxes and packaging, the less trees we need to use!

Paper Bags

Whether used as grocery bags, gift bags, or delivery bags, almost any type of paper-based bag can be made using recycled cardboard. Given how many paper bags are used every day, it’s great that we can lower the amount made from fresh paper and stick to recyclable materials like cardboard.

Paper Towels and Tissues

Next time you’re wiping up a stain or spillage, consider using a paper towel made from recyclable cardboard! The same fibers present in wood that are used to make cardboard can be recycled into much finer materials like paper towels, which is good news considering the volume of paper towels used each day!
The same thing goes for when you’re blowing your nose! Many types of tissues are made from recyclable papers like cardboard, which is impressive given the difference in textures.

Newspaper and Writing Paper

Almost any type of paper can be recycled and used for other paper products, so it’s only natural that cardboard is often used to make standard paper. This means the paper you’re writing your report on or reading the news may have started life as a cardboard box!


When cardboard is recycled it’s broken down and processed into a pulp material. This pulp has many applications and is widely used to manufacture all kinds of paper-based products, including chipboard!

Chipboard is a versatile material with many applications, including packaging, flooring, countertops, furniture and more!

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