02 Aug 3 Reasons Why It’s Bad to Throw Away Things That Should Be Recycled

3 Reasons Why It’s Bad to Throw Away Things That Should Be Recycled

3-reasons-why-its-bad-to-throw-away-things-that-should-be-recycledThe throw-away culture has reached its threshold, and can no longer simply continue throwing away things and not recycle them without a proper judgment call. Our environment is suffering from rapidly expanding issues such as acid rain, groundwater poisoning, air pollution, landfills, etc. and it is our duty to reduce our impact on the environment and start recycling. Following are 3 major reasons why it’s bad to throw away things that should be recycled:

1. Pollution

Earth can be polluted in a number of different ways. One of those ways is the styrofoam found in items such as your morning coffee cup. It leaks harmful chemicals into the soil and pollutes the ground. And if the amount of these chemicals is significantly high, it can become the cause of cancer. Apart from ground pollution, air pollution is another major problem. We pollute the air every time we drive our cars, although it’s not possible to stop driving vehicles altogether; but it is healthier to walk to the other side of the plaza rather than driving your car there. Water pollution is also a big reason you should recycle things such as cosmetics and water bottles as they pollute the water and make it harmful to our health.

2. Landfills

Your debris and trash go to landfills. We cause landfills to fill up by throwing everything away and not recycling or reusing them. As a result, landfills begin to smell terrible and become toxic from different kinds of harmful chemicals coming from cleaning supplies, microwaves, batteries, styrofoam, as well as other household products. You can reduce the junk in the landfill simply by recycling plastic, paper, and cardboard. While these things may not be directly harmful to our health, they are definitely harmful to the soil- so once they break down, they become harmful to us.

3. Natural Habitats

We are destroying habitats by not recycling, reducing, and reusing. We cut down trees faster than we plant new ones, so the new trees are not enough to replenish what we have taken. The same goes with other aspects of nature too. Oil, for example, is a non-renewable resource as it takes over 25 years for the earth to make it. Furthermore, oil comes from fossils and a long time is required for the fossilization process to happen. If we don’t reuse the resources we have now, we will eventually end up running out of them. It will also affect natural habitats as the animals will have nowhere else to live. Recycling is the best way to avoid this outcome.


In conclusion, each and every item of waste you throw away has the potential to be recycled and used again. But these cost-effective and potentially environment-friendly products are dumped in trashbins, rivers, and landfills. We are quickly running out of valuable resources and need effective strategies to preserve them and one of those strategies is to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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