H-West Equipment, Inc. is pleased to offer used equipment, for application in the waste & recycling industry.  Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will be able to answer any questions, discuss financing options, and consult with you on how these products may be able to meet the needs of your facility.   Contact us today at (714) 289-7733 for pricing, or fill the contact form below, and one of our equipment specialists will be happy to provide you with excellent service right away.

Used Equipment Available as of 7/30/20:

  • Sanitech Stationary Auger 30 HP x1
  • Harris Automatic-Ty with Feed Conveyor x1
  • Harris Horizontal Baler (warehouse model)
  • Selco Auto Ty Horizontal Baler 75 HP x1
  • Selco Two Ram Horizontal Baler x2
  • International Horizontal Baler x1
  • Marathon Stationary Compactors – multiple models and quantities
  • Marathon Self Contained Compactors – SOLD OUT!
  • Marathon Apartment Compactor x3
  • Galbreath Pre-crusher Compactor x1
  • Seabright  Stationary Compactor x1
  • Cram-A-Lot Stationary Compactor x1
  • PTR Vertical Balers – multiple models and quantities
  • Selco/Harris Vertical Balers – multiple models and quantities
  • Cram-A-Lot Vertical Balers – multiple models and quantities
  • Max Pax Vertical Balers – multiple models and quantities
  • 40 cubic yard receiver boxes – limited quantity available
  • 3 cubic yard container bin –  limited quantity available

Contact us for more pricing and more details.

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