Marathon Torxx Kinetic Pulveriser WP
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  • Mixed-MSW and biomass feedstock preparation for waste-to-energy (WTE) processes
  • Construction and demolition (C&D) waste
  • Glass embedded in compost, reducing glass to sand
  • Recycled asphalt shingles
  • Transfer stations
  • Improved compaction at landfills
  • Replacement of traditional high-volume stationary size reduction equipment


Through the creation of a series of intense rotational vortices, the Torxx Kinetic Pulverizer (KP) achieves size reduction across a broad variety of materials, with lower maintenance and utility costs, improved equipment uptime/reliability, and tighter particle size distribution than traditional grinding, shredding, cutting, and hammer mill processes. Ductile material is reduced to a “fluff” and brittle material to fine granules, enabling a variety of options for processing into useful recovered materials and increased landfill diversion.


Basic Features:

  • Alternative to traditional size-reduction technologies (grinding, shredding, hammer mill, etc.)
  • Rotating blades create a series of intense rotational vortices, causing particles to collide into each other at high speeds.
  • Ductile materials are reduced to “fluff” and brittle materials are reduced to fine granules.



  • Ability to control desired average particle size
  • Tighter particle size distribution than traditional size reduction technologies
  • Capable of processing a broad range of materials (rock, concrete, glass, metals, plastics, wood, biomass, mixed-MSW, and compost)
  • Homogenization of mixed materials
  • Significantly reduced maintenance and utility cost vs. traditional size reduction
  • Very dependable, reliable, high machine uptime
  • Lowest total cost of ownership (capital + operating costs) per ton of material processed
  • After-market service and support through the Marathon dealer network


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