Marathon RJ-250SC & RJ-250SC-HT Compators
Marathon Equipment



• Exclusive 41″ x 58″ (1041mm x 1473mm) feed opening to handle large, bulky items.
• Continuous feeding capability — even while the compactor is operating.
• Adaptable to special loading systems such as large- capacity hoppers, security chutes, or total enclosures.
• Odor and pest control via marathon’s ozone odor Control option.
• Easy loading from either ground or dock level.
• More than 24 tons (21,772 kg) of crushing force to reduce refuse to a fraction of its former size, saving valuable space.
• Fire hose connection provided on each unit.
• Factory testing to ensure leak-proof construction.
• UL® and CUL® Listed.
• Also available as Green Built®, featuring Solar or 5 hp high-efficiency power units and other environmentally friendly components.
• Great for high liquid waste
• Large 41” x 58” (1041mm x 1473mm) Feed Opening
• Full Door Seal with P-Seal
• Bubble Gate with Auto Relatch and Double-Hinge Door
• Qwik Clean® Tank
• Cycon Life-Xtender® Cyclic Control System
• Signature Series Warranty


Compare a Marathon RJ-250 compactor with any other self-contained compactor on the market, and you’ll quickly discover why Marathon is the preferred choice of discriminating buyers.


Components are selected for longevity and minimum maintenance, with special attention given to the selection of highly sensitive components. Stress engineering provides the optimum degree of structural integrity. Only the best materials are used and the highest standards of quality are observed in the manufacturing process. That’s why you’ll find Marathon compactors “packing trash” long after others have failed.


Our RJ-250 units are state-of-the-art in roll-off self-contained compactors, featuring oversized feed openings and expanded container storage capacity. They are designed to store and transport your waste, prevent contamination of public areas in accordance with public health department requirements, improve working conditions for your employees, and reduce disposal costs.


The RJ-250SC compactor can be customized with a variety of loading arrangements to suit your specific needs.

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