Marathon Pak'ntainer
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• Large 46 x 22.5 inch (1168 x 571mm) clear top opening handles even large, bulky items.
• CYCON Control System (for use with 3-phase only) eliminates all pressure and limit switches dramatically improves cold weather performance, and reduces maintenance costs and down time.
• Fixed breaker-bar teeth help keep materials in container and charge box clear.
• Hydraulic plumbing to both sides with quick-release disconnects for added versatility in any application.
• Tri-voltage standard for easy conversion to 208-, 230-, or 460-volt power.
• Single-phase 110 with 3/4 hp motor available at no additional charge.
• Heavy-duty hinges for durability.
• Lockable panel box to increase security.


Marathon’s Pak’ntainer is designed for compacting and containing wet or dry waste and simplifying waste dumping.


The Pak’ntainer helps maintain a sanitary environment, while saving money, for those generating as little as 20 cubic yards of refuse a week. Place the Pak’ntainer wherever needed, whenever needed — temporarily or permanently — no anchoring, no concrete pad, no special surfaces required. It can be used alone or to “fill the gap” in combination with other units.

The container is tapered to achieve superior compaction ratios and aid waste ejection, which eliminates excessive wear and tear on collection trucks. Liquid-tight construction helps ensure a sanitary environment. The drain enables water to be removed, lowering disposal costs.


Maren 72 automatic balers can be used in conjunction with pneumatic conveying systems, belt conveyors or feed chutes.


A photo-electric eye in the hopper controls the baling operation. When the light beam is Blocked by material, the baling cycle automatically starts and continues until the light beam is no longer blocked. The baler will not operate unless the hopper is filled. A buzzer sounds to alert the operator that the bale is complete. An operator is only needed to release the door, tie off and handle the bale—a part time job.


• Hopper enclosures
• Security chute
• 90-gallon cart dumpers
• Ozone generator

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