Mayfran MRF Sorting Systems

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No matter what types of materials you are recovering – from high-grade paper to commingled recyclables – you can count on Mayfran to provide a proven solution to your sorting system needs. From manual to automatic, single-stream to separated, Mayfran has experience providing solutions built around our industry-leading conveyors and incorporating technology such as eddy current separators, air classifiers, and other screening technology.

Our modular approach to conveyor and sorting system design makes the solution scalable to your needs. We can also combine infeed and elevating conveyors with the sorting system to receive incoming material and feed your end-of-line balers and shredders. A range of conveyor types, including PolyArmor® polymer belts, hinged steel belts, Z-Pan steel belts, and slider beds provides the flexibility to meet any material and throughput requirement. With a reputation for reliability, we provide for outstanding uptime and throughput in our system designs.
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