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Turning waste products into useable and profitable briquettes
If your construction or manufacturing processes use wood, metals or biomass materials and leave you with residual product with nowhere to go but a landfill, you aren’t alone. The days of your waste materials taking up valuable space, time and resources are coming to an end.
RUF Briquetting Systems is a global leader in industrial briquetting, a process that makes your life easier. But, what is a briquette machine and does it work with my materials? We are glad you asked!


What is a briquette machine?
A briquette machine, or a briquetting press, turns waste material into uniform-sized briquettes that are easy to store and, in many cases, can be sold to generate revenue. You can make your waste problems, literally, a much smaller part of your business, and can improve your bottom line by reducing storage and handling costs and increasing income at the same time.

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